June 12th – Loving Day

So Loving Day is a holiday that celebrates a monumental victory for love and I didn’t hear about it until yesterday, so today I’m going to learn you a thing and recount how important this day is for my life.

History Lesson: So int he 1950s, there was a couple by the name of Mildred Jeter, a black woman, and Richard Loving, a white man. They wished to get married and live out a happy life but interracial marriage was banned in the state they lived in, Virginia. Instead the decided to go to Washington DC, where it was legal, get married and then go back home. Unfortunately it was illegal to go back to Virginia if you were an interracial married couple as well, so faced with either jail or banishment, they chose banishment and lived in DC. They decided to take this case to the Supreme Court and in 1967 they won. All laws in all states that banned interracial marriage were eradicated from then on and every year on the 12th of June we celebrate this.

So that was a very quick and very abridged version of the story but you can see how it was monumental. And think about how only a few years later the first ever interracial kiss on American Television was shared on Star Trek. This holiday is important for love everywhere and it deserves to be celebrated just for that, but it also is very important for me because without these laws I might not have half of my family.

Story Time: A lot of my family live in America and my aunt, Susan, moved to Pittsburgh for her degree. She met a man called George and they got married and had four beautiful children who are my cousins. Sue is a white Australian and George is Africa-American. What if they could never marry? What if this racism prevailed? I don’t want to imagine what would have happened if they couldn’t be together.



I can’t imagine my life without these people and I love them so much. They have the most beautiful marriage and the most beautiful family. This monumental victory for love must be celebrated world wide. Lin Manuel Miranda said “love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside”.

What I learnt from Loving Day: 1967, the year my family’s love was made possible, my new favourite year.



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