June 11th – Corn on the Cob Day

Another holiday that brilliantly aligns with what I do for a part time job. Corn is sold as an optional side at Nandos so what I was planning to do for this holiday was take a note of how many people order it and how popular it is.

This went tits up.

Literally we had the slowest day at work today, and I broke a plate to add to the bad luck, and we sold one portion of corn


Now this can’t possibly be a reflection on how popular corn on the cob is, because corn on the cob is amazing. It’s like a perfect blend of sweet and savory and it literally goes with everything. So it’s a reflection on economic austerity in Australia. The fact of the matter is that although Australia has experienced 20 years of economic growth and was one of the only western nations not to fall into a recession in the 2007/2008 GFC, the world economy as a whole is dying out. People are looking inwardly into their own economies and stopping trade deals as well as trying to balance their own nations’ debts. People understand this so subconsciously, even though spending more would kick start the economy, people are spending less and saving more. It’s counterproductive but what are you going to do, it’s human nature.

So it’s not that people don’t like corn, it’s that people don’t like spending money when they think the world is running out of it.

What I learnt from Corn on the Cob Day: When the recession hits, corn is the first to go.


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