June 10th – Ice Tea Day

Hectic Day so a really short post for this, however a tribute to my favourite and least favourite alcoholic drink there is: A Long Island Ice Tea

Basically lemon, sugar and 5 brown alcohols all mixed together it is the only thing that can make me vomit faster than tequila. Last time I subjected myself to its powers I vomited in a bin in the street, the tyres of my mates car, on the dance floor of a club and basically all over myself.

It’s a tricky one, because you have one and you feel nothing, then you have another and all the alcohol hits you at once. It’s a good way to make sure you don’t go home with anyone weird though because no one wants to be around the person yakking everywhere.

Dear Long Island Ice Teas,

Thanks for getting me so fucked up when I feel like being the hot mess, but please stop making me vomit

Yours Sincerely, Andi Sutherland

What I learnt from Ice Tea Day – Nothing that I didn’t know already.


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