June 9th – Donald Duck Day

Happy Donald Duck Day! I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I LOVE DISNEY! Disney movies from the 90s raised me, Mulan is and always will be my favourite but everything else is a bloody close second. However, I love modern Disney, I know very little about classic Disney. Yeah I’ve seen fantasia and snow white a few times but I’ve never really payed attention.

If I love anything more than teaching people things, it’s learning things. So today, concurrently with watching the UK General Election updates roll in (FYI it’s totally going to be a hung parliament), I’m going to learn about Donald Duck, specifically his personality but also how he helped to create the Disney that I love.

*Disclaimer* This is going to be mostly wikipedia, which I love for just learning things but not for academia.


Is exactly like me holy shit! Legit he has two sides to his personality, he is short tempered but he’s also got a positive outlook on life! We are one in the same. It gets better, we’re also only able to be understood abut half of the time (I mumble). I love this duck already. He’s lazy and unfit (preach it Don), and he is a bit of a show off and enjoys attention. WHY IS THIS DUCK ME! And he has this weird rivalry with Mickey because he wants to be the star.

I can understand now why Donald Duck is so loved and has lasted so long, he’s just so easy to relate to. He also was involved in some dope ass anti-Hitler propaganda which is awesome.

In terms of what he’s done for Disney, he kept it going when it looked like it might collapse. There were periods in the 70s and 80s when Disney flew a bit under the radar but with continuous books, tv and international success, Donald and his friends keep the company going before it could grow again. Donald has been in the most Disney films than any character and is the most published in comics outside of superheroes. Donald Duck is 83 this year and boy (oh boy oh boy oh boy ;)) has it been a good 83 years.

Donald Duck I salute you, and am keen to see your filmography.

What I learnt from Donald Duck Day: Disney has a long rich history I need to learn about, and Donald was the best place to start.



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