June 8th – Upsy Daisy Day

I’m not a morning person, I generally like to sleep until around 10 am unless I have something I need to do, for example work (but even then I’ve been late before). So today was going to be exciting for me because I’ve always fancied myself as someone who gets up early, goes for a run then a shower and is ready for the day by 9 sharp! However my body keeps failing me. I thought that if I could last today from being up around 7 and have a somewhat productive day then I’d be set, knowing that it is possible would help me stay in the routine. Anyway, here’s how it went.

So my cat woke me up at 5:57 am today anyway but instead of pushing her off the bed, rolling over and going back to sleep. I very reluctantly forced myself to stay awake until I had the energy to get up. This was at about 6:20. So I chucked on my warmest clothes, made myself a cup of tea and went to buy myself some phone credit.


After my store trip I picked up a friend who I forced to do this with me and went to Matilda Bay to watch the sunrise. I justified making myself wake up early and seize the day by watching the sun rise over the city from the river. Besides it being cold as dicks, being sleepy and complaining most of the time, upon reflection the sunrise was pretty awesome and I’m happy to have witnessed it.


I then proceeded to have THE MOST PRODUCTIVE DAY EVER! I went and bought some organic virgin coconut oil at around 8:30 am and a little pot and made a DIY Lip Scrub. I then went to my job and had a good day at work, I came home and did a load of washing, rearranged my entire room, and went on a trip to Priceline Pharmacy to restock on my skincare products. I’m still not done I’m about to finish off a soup for dinner and lord knows what else I’ll achieve before bed.

I’ve had about 6 hours sleep but today couldn’t have gone better, I hope I can repeat it tomorrow and subsequent days, for now begins my journey as a motivated, morning person. I might replace watching the sunrise with going for jogs but both are good.

What I learnt from Upsy Daisy Day: A little bit of motivation goes a long way, if I could last through today then I can last it again. These were my first steps into a healthier lifestyle.

SIDE NOTE: I honestly think pushing myself to do these tasks are making me into a better, more focused person. If I can complete this I won’t care how many followers I get, I will be so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve, I had no idea what I was capable of.


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