June 7th – Running Day

I’m not particularly fit but it’s not like I’m terrible at sports or running so today I just thought of as being a good excuse to get some exercise in but I ended up learning an excellent lesson in health.

The saga of the Running Day fail began last night where I was so ready that I had a high iron and high carb dinner. Spinach and mushroom pasta and some broccoli, I was frothing it was amazing and yesterday I felt that today I would be the epitome of health.


Sadly when I woke up today it wasn’t the case. I tried to get out of bed at 8:30 to no avail, I felt dizzy and particularly gross, so I went back to bed and cuddled my cat until I fell asleep again. I woke up again at midday and ate a tiny breakfast/lunch and some coffee and still felt like absolute shit. I have no idea why I feel so lethargic but I do. Anyway, I watched a documentary about the British Royals and by 3pm I had decided that I needed to exercise, not just to fulfill my holiday but it should make me feel better. Besides, it was Elle Woods (a personal hero) who said in Legally Blonde the Musical, “exercise gives you endorphin’s, endorphin’s make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill!”.

I forced myself into the back room with the treadmill, weights, yoga mat and fit ball and starting my normal exercise routine but I turned up the speed on the treadmill to try and focus this one on running.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt worse in my life. I managed 20 minutes of the work out and collapsed, I still feel like I’m going to vomit and it’s been over and hour since I stopped, my body doesn’t want to eat anything and I hate myself for forcing myself to do this holiday. What started out as fun fitness ended up as horrible. All the signs were there that I should’ve just had a rest day and done something else, I had barely eaten and was feeling constantly dizzy, but I didn’t. Today was a fail.

What I learnt from Running Day: For the love of God, if your body is saying no, say no. Mind over matter isn’t the case here, sometimes even if you want to do it, just take a rest day.


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