June 5th – Thank God it’s Monday Day

So in reading about this random holiday it made complete sense to me. Most people work 40 hours a week, for 5 days, 9-5, for about 50 weeks a year. Mondays signify the beginning of forcing yourself to go to a job you don’t really want to do because you need the income to sustain your living. For so many people in Australia work isn’t enjoyable but a chore, so celebrating just a single Monday in roughly the middle of the year to try and get you through the week is a brilliant idea. After all Australia was meant to be a workers’ paradise at the turn of the 20th century, championing the 8 hour working day and the notion of Long Service Leave.


This Monday, this particular Monday the 5th of June just so happened to be a public holiday in Western Australia, WA Day, celebrating the existence of the Swan River Colony in 1829. So all those Australian’s who are sick of their work routine and hating Monday’s got this one off. This includes me as one of the places I work on Monday’s is closed!! So these middle class Australian’s probably spent it like I did, cuddling a pet and watching netflix.



And to me this was perfect. Hating Monday’s is suddenly reversed on public holidays because most people get a 3 day weekend, and those who don’t normally get double pay or pay and a half or some sort of penalty rate compensation. I didn’t need to put in any effort to love or celebrate this Monday, being in WA made it perfect enough.

What I learnt from Thank God it’s Monday Day: Most Monday’s suck balls, but some Monday’s are public holidays, and those kick ass, thank God for public holiday Monday’s!!!


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