June 4th- Hug Your Cat Day

I love cats, I love cats so much and I will be a crazy cat lady when I grow up I guarantee it. I am fortunate enough that I have two cats, well my parents do, so because I was raised as a cat person when I become a proper adult I will raise some pretty awesome cats.

Anyway, out of my two cats, one of them sleeps on my bed with me and she’s called Mary. Hug your cat day was therefore easy because as soon as I wake up I am already cuddling my cat.



Honestly the hardest part of today was getting out of bed and leaving her to go perform in the state band competition, yes I still play the tuba, but we won and scored really high so that was okay. I immediately did then come home to kiss my favourite cat again.


I think the purpose of this holiday is to remind yourself to give out love and affection. I don’t know the psychology of it but hugging a warm at and giving out love makes me feel happy and loved, kind of like holding a hot cup of tea makes me feel loved, replicating a hug from my mum.

What I learnt from Hug Your Cat Day: Always hug your cats, it’ll make you feel better 100% of the time I promise.


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