June 3rd – Repeat Day

So I was originally planning on repeating one of my earlier celebrated days but time got away from me so this time I just want to vocalize an opinion.

Should you really try and repeat days?

People often say things like “you should never visit the same place twice because it’ll never be as good ¬†as the first time”, but what if it wasn’t good the first time and you do it again to try and make it better. But then again, what if the second trip makes it even worse?

So is it worth the effort of trying again to make it better is it better to leave things in the past. I guess that’s up to the person, but for me, I’d rather let things be. Whether it be good or bad I’m happy just having the memories rather than trying to recreate them. But I’m only one person maybe other people would rather relive the glory days or try to resurrect the past. It’s subjective.

What I learnt from Repeat Day: I’d rather not participate in Repeat Day.


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