June 2nd – Say Something Nice Day

Today was jam packed full of exams and parties so I’m glad it was an easy holiday but I’m confused as to why it’s a holiday at all. So I was with 2 of my best friends today and after roasting them for an hour I made sure I said at least one nice thing! But I honestly don’t see the need to be celebrating this holiday.

I try to be nice to most people I meet and only mean to my close friends and family as banter, and to myself but that’s a whole other story. It baffles me that this needs attention and to be celebrated because for me growing up, it was just a given that you say nice things to people.

But nowadays suicide rates are increasing, especially among young males, and the way it’s portrayed in the media almost make it look attractive. For example the moveĀ Heathers, I know that they were actually murders but they were covered up as suicides and the way it was all discussed made it look attractive. It’s disgusting that in a time where people are living longer, more people are choosing to die younger.

What I learnt from Say Something Nice Day: Say something nice everyday, it may save someones life.


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