June 1st – Go Barefoot Day

I’ve said it so many times on this blog and I’ll say it many more times, I am Australian. This holiday was easy I am barefoot like 90% of the time anyway. However I couldn’t be barefoot the whole day as riding on buses and walking on tarmac I wanted some sort of protection. So for those times I wore thongs which looked like this,


But whenever I could, for example when I’m on grass or in a lecture theatre, I slipped them off and went barefoot.


Today was too easy and too much like my everyday life so I decided to do some research into shoes as a luxury and find out exactly how many people live without what we take for granted.

Social Justice Lesson: 300 million children in the world don’t have shoes. Literally just think of that, it’s about 5 times the population of the UK. And there are people in developed nations with 50 pairs who still believe they need more. Shoes are a luxury we take for granted and we forget how important they are for protection and warmth because we’ve always had them their. Even I couldn’t last the entire without shoes and I had a reason to.

What I learnt from Go Barefoot Day: It’s hard going the entire day without some form of foot protection, so think about the entire 300 million people who do it for their entire lives.



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