May 31st – Senior Health and Fitness Day

Given the alcohol, the hamburgers and the cheesecakes, I feel like a health day was pretty overdue, and although I’m not a senior, my fitness level is about the standard of a senior. Time is not exactly a luxury I have so when it comes to exercise I’m really just looking for the most effective fat burning methods in the shortest amount of time, high intensity or something else I heard once in a YouTube tutorial.



So as like a beginning/cardio part I ran for a kilometre at what is a relatively fast run, 12 kilometres an hour, so not a sprint but faster than a jog. Unsurprisingly, for those who can do basic maths, this took roughly 5 minutes. Too try and keep my heart rate up I went straight into some core work with crunches, sit ups and those twist things with a 3 kg weight. Taking it down a notch I then did some squats and some weights for my arms, and finishing off with some stretching to increase my flexibility, toe touches, half splits, basic yoga etc…

This work out too about 20 minutes to complete and I took my heart rate at then end of it and it was at 152 bpm. I thought that was pretty good, if I can keep my heart rate up at that level for 20 minutes then it should continue working if I continue this exercise regime.


Next was the health and taking care of me part. A long hot shower washing my hair, cleansing my face and applying a peel off face mask before toning, moisturizing and applying eye cream.


My body feels amazing right now and I started this exercise regime last week, gradually increasing the intensity and today was the third time I’ve done it so much like this blog pushing myself, it’s pushing myself for the better as well.

What I learnt from Senior Health and Fitness Day: Procrastination and chips are fun, but health is fun too, and it’s personal, I don’t do things like this to brag I do it for me, and everyone should too.



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