May 29th – Learn About Composting Day

Okay lads and ladies, sit down and buckle up because I am going to learn you a thing I only just learned myself. The importance of composting for agriculture and the environment.

We have a composting bin in my house and I believe that most households in the area I live in do, however it’s hardly ever redistributed after the contents have broken down, so today I asked the question if maybe we should, is it worth it?

The answer is yes. In all ways there is only benefit and no deficet. From an agricultural perspective, composting elevates the nutrients in the soil and makes it so much easier to grow plants and vegetables. This in turn will save people money in not having to buy these foods. The second advantage is environmental, the more organic matter we use that breaks down, stops the manufacturing of chemical fertilizers. On top of this it encourages growth, and we are in a period of regrowth in the post ‘inconvenient truth’ world. More vegetation means less CO2 emissions.

For the love of God don’t be as silly as me previously and partake in composting! There is only benefits to the action.

What I learnt from learn about composting day: we can lessen the effects of climate change by making small adjustaments to our lives, composting is one of them and it’s important.


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