May 28th – Hamburger Day

So another treat yourself, mental health kind of holiday I could get on board with. Hamburger day! Much like cheesecake day as well, very easy to celebrate and didn’t take much time to complete, eased by the fact I work in a nandos.


So instead of my usual work position behind the till, being friendly and smiley and interacting with customers, I ran to the back to do the orders so I could make, and eventually eat, the burgers.

It was pretty much a slow day a work we probably didn’t make $1000 by the time I left but it meant I could make myself some lunch and this is what I came up with. My favourite burger in the shop, a supremo burger, normally with mild and BBQ mixed but I wasn’t feeling the spice today, and extra cheese.


What I learnt from Hamburger Day: Similarly to cheesecake day, take care of yourself, don’t force yourself into a crazy diet if it strains your mind, and working at nandos isn’t too bad when free food is involved.


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