May 26th – Blueberry Cheesecake Day

So this random holiday seemed easy, eat a blueberry cheesecake. Which I did, it was store bought and technically mixed berry because there was no just blueberry, but it had blueberry in it just the same.


Because this was too easy it’s probably better to talk about what this day meant to me. It’s about treating yourself every now and then and checking up on your mental health. This was perfect as today I met the Greens senator for WA, Scott Ludlam. Scott Ludlam in November 2016 publicly announced that he would take a leave from politics to fight his own battles with depression and anxiety. Today he spoke with such confidence and vigor that he’s clearly made progress and I’m so proud that he is affiliated with a party I love for the state that I live in and winning his battle against mental illness.




What I learnt from Blueberry Cheesecake Day: Please treat yourself and take care of yourself, rather than struggle though life with broccoli, every now and the eat the fucking cheesecake :).


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