May 25th – Geek Pride Day

Finally, a day I don’t have to try for! So today is geek pride day and I’m quite a geek already. A Sci-Fi nerd and a cat lover, I really have been preparing for this all my life, however I did make a bit more of an effort than usual.

Today was a uni day for me so I armed myself with my Ghostbusters shirt and just to feel more nerdy I packed in my bag a Lightsaber and a Dalek that I already owned. And although geeks come in all shapes and sizes and there’s no one person who can’t be a geek, to confirm to stereotypes I went makeup free and wore tracksuit pants with thongs.



So today also is the 40th anniversary of when Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released in cinemas so naturally being a Star Wars fan I really should’ve spent my afternoon watching Star Wars. But I already had the Lightsaber so I needed to represent the one Geeky fandom I hadn’t yet celebrated which is Star Trek, so I watched a few of my favourite episodes from the original series, starting with Mirror Mirror.


My geeky day still isn’t over and shortly after this goes live I’m off to play the Tuba, a notoriously geeky instrument, in a brass band, one of the more geeky ensembles!!

What I learned from Geek Pride Day: I am already a geek and already proud, everyday is geek pride day for me.


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