May 23rd – Lucky Penny Day

Happy Lucky Penny Day!! Congratulations if you live in a country in which the penny is a unit of currency or you have a coin equivalent to 1 cent (1 pence for example). Unfortunately in Australia we don’t use pennies and since the adoption of our own currency, away from the Pound Stirling, our lowest coin currency is 5 cents. So what was I to do to celebrate this holiday, I went looking for a 4 leaf clover to symbolise the luck in replacement of a lucky penny! I wanted to see if my day would be lucky in accordance to the holiday…

So today was a day at university for me and I left my house well before I needed to arrive at uni so my hunt began at the park near my bus . Genuinely this is the only patch of clovers I found, so I took a selfie with a normal 3 leafed one because my eyeliner is nice today and got on the bus hoping that my day would just be lucky.




Jesus I was wrong. I got to uni and it was raining and I didn’t have an umbrella or a raincoat so I couldn’t continue my search for the illusive 4 leafed clover, so I just went to the library to write my essay and had to watch a couple be really couple-y in front of me.


On top of this there was a delightful penis drawn on my study desk.


Anyway this is where the day got really unlucky, there was a power outage in the middle of my lecture so half the content will be lost and it pretty much just wasted half and hour for me.

So Lucky Penny Day was eventful, but I wouldn’t say particularly lucky, I hope you all had a much better 23rd of May than I did.

What I learned from Lucky Penny Day: You can’t go looking for luck, it just happens 🙂


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