Pushing Myself

I am no stranger to pushing my brain, learning and educating are probably my two favourite things. But I’ve never really pushed myself physically, I don’t really push myself at work and when it comes to creativity, I don’t push myself in any musical ensembles I’m in. I normally blame time but I think I just need to start improving myself.

I’m going to start pushing myself in the aspects of my life I neglect. If I’m going to be a good friend, I’m going to be a great friend. If I’m gonna do some exercise I’m not going for a brisk walk I’m going for a run. The converse of this is that I need to also give myself the opportunity for just focus on a few things and drop the rest, sadly I think the Tuba playing is the first to go but I’ll see how long I can keep going with that.

The point of this is that I think as a society we either act too selflessly and spread ourselves too thin or act too selfishly and be too self indulgent, we never find a middle ground. My middle ground needs to be somewhere between an education and a social life that keeps me sane and a good amount of work. I propose that I either put myself into writing this blog or I give it up and find something else to push myself with. I am going to try blogging everyday or every two days (sometimes I have no internet on my laptop so I can’t use it for a day). Too keep it interesting I saw a now discontinued blog where a girl found little holidays on each day, for example talk like a pirate day, and blogged her experience doing them. I’ll give that a try as well as keeping up with my little anecdotes and stories and opinions. I am going to push myself, especially if writing is a thing I want to do.

This blog is going in a new direction, I hope you come along 🙂


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