The Skin Care Paradox

Usually once a day, sometimes twice and sometimes only every few days, I use a makeup wipe and remove my makeup, I then go in with cleanser, toner and moisturizer and finally eye cream and then that’s when I finish my skin care routine. Occasionally I’ll put on a facemask or a pore strip. This may not sound like much but it’s a hell of a lot more than I used to use on my face. The weird thing is, since I started this skin care routine, I’ve been breaking out more. I have more pimples and now acne scars, why has this happened?

My general logic and common sense is telling me that since I started this routine after I began wearing makeup more regularly, it’s the makeup clogging my skin and I’m just not removing it properly or leaving it on too long. But also how can that be there are people who wear more makeup more often who do the same thing as me and their skin is fine. The next explanation is could it be that I wasn’t genetically blessed with good skin and this is just my face that I have to live with. This is also probably incorrect, up until I was 16 I had like 3 pimples my entire life and my skin was always clear and smooth. The last explanation I can think of is that now I work in a fast food place it’s the oils and fat that come in contact with my skin at work and cause problems. This is the only one that has some heed to it because even though my skin was on a downward spiral before I got that job, it definitely has gotten a bit worse.

So why do I continue with these products if it’s not making my skin clearer? Maybe it’s a fear that they’re working but my skin is just getting so hammered with oil and cosmetics that if I stop it’ll suddenly get exponentially worse. Or is it because I’m a slave consumer to an industry that makes me feel like a boss ass bitch by helping me look flawless and feeling good makes people confident (read my ‘thoughts on the beauty industry’ #shamelessplug). Perhaps I’m like most Australians where I’m a creature of habit and I’m adverse to change so now that I have a routine I don’t want to stop.

I don’t know the answer to why I have bad skin since starting skin care nor do I know the answer to why I continue my routine if it’s not helping. I haven’t learnt anything useful from this, just that sometimes it’s okay not to know. I don’t have all the answers to my problems and neither do you, and that’s okay.


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