Will I Have More Fun?

So recently I became a blonde. I’ve wanted to go blonde for a few weeks now and personally I really like it, I think I’ll re-dye when it grows out. However, it struck me that it could play out as a social experiment to see if blondes really do have more fun. I then realised that that idea was stupid and here’s why:

If I was to have more fun now than I did when I was a brunette it isn’t from some magically gene that only blondes possess, it’ll be from the new hair acting as a mask. When people are in disguise or in fancy dress it acts as some sort of confidence boost, the logic behind it is that when people “aren’t themselves” they feel that they can get away with they wouldn’t do normally, like a free pass to try what they are normally too reserved to try. The person becomes a character, the character can do whatever it wants because after a while the character won’t exist, the disguise comes off or the alcohol leaves the system, so it has no responsibilities to uphold. Adopting a new character is a powerful confidence tool but it has nothing to do with my new hair colour, I would have the same disguise if I went silver or black.

The idea that blondes have more fun is a good saying, but that’s it, it’s a saying. I will have equally as much fun as before and if I have more, it’s because of my own character and opportunities I create for fun. The hair may make me more confident, in the style of a “new me” creating a new character, but that would’ve happened with any cosmetic change, not necessarily blonde hair.



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