The Trouble With the Tuba is…

So in year 6 I first picked up a baritone, and then in year 7 I moved on up to the Euphonium, when I reached highschool there was a shortage of Tuba players so I thought it couldn’t hurt to pick that up. The only issue being I couldn’t actually pick it up!! In the now 7 years that I’ve been playing the Tuba I’ve only been thinking about giving it up now and I feel that it’s important for me to vocalise the thought process.

I love making music, it’s a skill I wish not to lose, it makes me feel like I’m contributing to something bigger than myself. Like cogs working a machine or each individual article that makes up a newspaper. It’s exciting being part of a team and it’s really challenging me, the level of music is testing my brain and helping me be a better version of myself.

The trouble is, I’m running out of time. I do full time uni, which is supposed to be treated like a full time job, on top of that I have two permanent part time jobs and occasionally other casual work to do, I try and maintain an active social life and play social sports and help out at a dancing class. I sometimes really don’t have time to make the rehearsals on top of that, let alone practice during the week. And because the ensemble I’m currently in is challenging my brain and skill as a player, I really need the practice for me to improve.

It’s such a conundrum between what I want to do and what is healthy for me. I know that I’ll have to stop at some point because my study will become too hectic but it just depends on how long I can drag the love of the instrument out for.

The trouble with the Tuba is that I can’t carry it so I can’t march with the band, I’m not good enough to play it perfectly without practicing and I can feel like the one cog that isn’t turning with everyone else. But I love it all the same.


One thought on “The Trouble With the Tuba is…

  1. Is there a chance you could play in a more social band? Like I am around the same age as you and have played the trumpet since I was in year 7. I was in the same situation and I just had to decide what to prioritise and if I still wanted to play I’d just have to find a more casual place to play.


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