Thoughts on the Beauty Industry

So I enjoy makeup, it’s expensive but it’s fun. Makeup artistry it literally an art form, it’s a category at the Academy Awards so not only is it a nice routine for me and kind of calming, it helps me feel creative. Above I have included a before an after look of me with zero makeup on and me with my natural makeup look on. Honestly, I feel equally as comfortable wearing both but I will wear makeup on more days than not.

There’s a lot of shtick that circulates when talking of the beauty industry and a lot of it is that it forces young girls to go out and but makeup to change their features to fit some sort of cultural standard. I understand this point because there’s a lot of media outlets that portray famous women makeup-less and say they look ‘sick’ or ‘tired’.┬áThis has caused a backlash from women promoting the #nomakeup on platforms such as instagram, facebook and twitter. Now, women should’t feel compelled to do anything they don’t wan to do and that includes enhancing their appearance just to fit into a social norm. However, does this mean that the makeup loving population should receive the same backlash for indirectly supporting a sexist notion?

My answer is no. The same logic behind allowing women to choose to not wear makeup needs to be applied for the women who choose to wear it. If I think makeup helps me look like a boss ass bitch then it’s my choice and no one should try and tell me that I’m just doing this because I have ‘confidence issues’. The reality is that I’m actually quite a confident person, with or without a face of makeup on. However there are many women for whom makeup is their arsenal for feeling confident. So in that, case who are you for judging someone for wanting to feel their best?

I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that what someone does to their face is their business, so for the makeup haters who say things like, “I prefer women who don’t wear makeup”, just walk up to them and blind them with your poppin’ highlighter and continue feeling confident and fly, because you are a boss ass bitch who don’t take no shit from anyone.




I’m writing this from a woman’s perspective to align with my experiences with makeup wearing and what both men and women have said to me, I am aware that men are becoming increasingly involved in the industry and are SLAYIN’!! Manny MUA being an idol for me and an example. Apologies for not including a section of society that wears makeup but I can only write from a female perspective, I can imagine the backlash on males could be larger but I do not know so I cannot comment.


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